The Refine Lip

Lip fillers when done correctly and in balance with the facial features can make a big difference to the overall facial appearance both in women and in men.

Understanding the anatomy of the lip itself and the surrounding tissues help guide the injecting process. Sometimes a lip will look thinned out because the surrounding structures that support the lip muscles are inadequate and need addressing first to restore a natural looking lip shape, avoiding the ‘duck lip’.

Introducing the refine Lip Treatment

The key to the refine lip treatment is an individual assessment looking at the surrounding structures as well as the lip itself. The main focus is on lip shape rather than lip volume to give a natural looking outcome. Younger patients can usually achieve a beautiful full looking well balanced shape that can be inappropriate on a more mature face, where a restoration of a good shape but with less volume is required.

We use a special mix of local anaesthetic creams to numb up the lip prior to injecting which is done with tiny fine needles and sometimes a specialised Japanese 3 pronged needle, whatever is required to give the best outcome for you. We aim to produce a good shaped lip in balance with your facial features that has a soft fullness.


1 Hour

Upon consultation

Results are immediate however there may be swelling and bruising. This is very dependent on each individual.

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The Refine Lip

Refine Lip

Refine Lip

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lip Filler Safe?

Like with anything nothing is 100% safe and there are risks, thankfully very rare. These will be fully explained and discussed with you before your treatment and why we do things in a certain way to minimise these risks.

Unfortunately injecting is largely unregulated and has become big business with patients (mainly young girls) being seduced by glossy marketing and ads into shops and salons where the standards of training are inadequate and possibly unsafe

How does anyone know the difference between a safe or unsafe lip filler?

Well, one of the first things to check is if there is a doctor on-site or are they saving money by video conferencing or skyping with a doctor offsite. In addition, little things such as, are they using sterile gloves and dressing packs or just disposable gloves out of a box. Every little shortcut saves the company money and adds a little to your risk of complications when getting your lip injections done.

Who Performs Lip Fillers at CRC?

All lip injections at CRC are administered by myself – Dr Niamh Corduff or another highly experienced doctor. I’m a plastic surgeon of 29 years experience and have been performing non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques for almost 20 years.

At CRC, we believe that it’s very important to have all injecting treatments be performed by a qualified and experienced doctor to minimise risks and complications. We do not cut corners to make our treatments cheaper. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you want to before deciding to go ahead with a lip filler.

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