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The appearance of your skin can have a significant impact on your self-esteem and confidence.

You might be frustrated with the limited impact of topical care, but you may not want to take the plunge and undergo surgery to get the look you want. Even these more invasive procedures might not produce the results you desire. That is why you might want to consider a more delicate and targeted approach to skin care, such as laser skin treatments.

Laser skin treatments improve the appearance of your skin, treat numerous skin conditions and stimulate skin healing. Our highly-trained Dermal clinicians combine the latest top-of-the-range and advanced medical grade devices with innovative procedures to ensure optimal natural and long-lasting results. Many of these therapies require minimal to no social downtime.

Each laser treatment typically goes for approx 45mins. Advanced Laser treatments take approximately 2 to 2.5 hours due to the application of topical anaesthetic.
Is determined at initial consultation.
Results can be permanent depending on individuals’ health and maintaining a good quality skin regime.

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Laser Therapy Treatments



What Laser Treatments Do You Offer At CRC Geelong?

At the Cosmetic Refinement Clinic, Geelong, we offer a comprehensive range of laser services to ensure you are getting the treatment that is best suited for you and your skin.

Whether you want to improve the appearance of your skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or eliminate unwanted hair growth, we are here to help. Find out what makes us Geelong’s leading laser skin clinic.

CRC Rejuvenation Laser

Our most popular treatment! This intense yet non-invasive treatment is designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a smoother, more radiant complexion that has a more even skin tone. Our gentle Rejuvenation laser treatment combines the Revlite Q-switched laser and a mild Lactic Acid Peel.

This treatment not only stimulates collagen production, but combined with the lactic peel increases the skin’s overall hydration as well as removes those unwanted dead skin cells off the surface. This 30 minute Refine Rejuvenation Laser treatment instantly leaves the skin appearing more refreshed and with its “no post treatment downtime” will have you back enjoying your day in no time.

It is the perfect, affordable treatment for those who have an up and coming special event or for a well-rested, refreshed look year-round.

CRC Carbon Laser Peel

The carbon laser peel, also known as the “China Doll Peel”, is an innovative laser treatment that utilises Q-switch laser technology and a medical grade, mild carbon peel. Initially the carbon peel is applied to the treatment area and left to set. The laser is then applied, vaporising the carbon and removing it from the surface of the skin and the depths of the pores.

This allows enlarged pores to constrict and dead skin cells to be eliminated from the skin, instantly leaving the skin looking more vibrant and visibly clearer and more uniform in texture.

The carbon peel is a 45 minute non invasive treatment and has no downtime.

This treatment also helps treat:

  • Acne / Congestion
  • Pigmentation
  • Sun Damage
  • Inflammation
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Texture and Tone
  • Enlarged Pores

Laser Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin for more advanced signs of ageing. It is an ablative form of laser that evaporates the tissue on the skin’s surface, targets damaged cells located in the dermis and significantly increases the production of collagen through stimulation of the skin’s natural healing processes, inflicting a controlled wound healing response.

Whilst this type of treatment requires more downtime, it is an excellent treatment option for clients seeking treatment for extensive skin damage or wanting a deeper, more advanced rejuvenation treatment. We use the gold standard in laser rejuvenation, the pearl fractional laser to achieve optimal results.

Laser Hair Removal

Removing unwanted hair can be time-consuming and painful. If you are tired of shaving or waxing, you might want to consider laser hair removal. We use medical-grade lasers to penetrate and damage the within the hair follicle, preventing future hair growth.

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective treatment which is suitable for all skin types and is able to treat anywhere on the body. It drastically reduces the need for regular hair removal maintenance and generally saves you money in the long run (if you usually use professional waxing services).

Enjoy the beach or Australia’s beautiful weather without worrying about unwanted hair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Conditions Can Lasers Treat?

Laser skin treatments are versatile and can treat a wide range of skin conditions and imperfections, from sun damage to acne scars and more. Laser treatments can take 2-4 weeks to notice an improvement. These treatments are non-invasive and are specifically tailored to your skin concerns. They can be used alone or as part of a treatment program and excel at treating the most frustrating and complex skin conditions such as acne and rosacea.

Pigmentation from Sun Damage

The scorching Australian sun can do extensive damage to your skin, causing discolouration, prominent blood vessels, collagen degradation, and much more. Skin pigmentation forms through excessive exposure to UV light produced by the sun. While this may initially cause your skin to appear tanned, it can result in brown patches or an uneven complexion over time.

Most sun damage to the skin occurs before the age of eighteen, however, it is never too late to reduce and improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation as a result of unprotected sun exposure. We have various laser devices that treat not only the superficial pigmentation, such as freckles, but also deeper pigment that can be associated with melasma. When treating pigmentation with laser, the laser works by penetrating the deeper layers of the skin, breaking down the pigment into finer particles for your body’s lymphatic system to remove the unwanted pigmentation from within the skin.

Rosacea and Facial Redness

Rosacea is a debilitating skin condition affecting millions of people worldwide. Research shows more women than men are diagnosed with rosacea. It is a multifactorial condition often caused by lifestyle, environment, ageing, or other hormonal and genetic factors. These factors damage the integrity of the skin’s barrier as well as the delicate blood vessels located superficially within the skin. This results in diffused facial redness – especially through the central region of the face, broken capillaries and in some cases the development of acne-like pustules.

Treatment for rosacea and many other vascular conditions is often more rapidly corrected with laser. Laser treatments work by breaking down and coagulating the platelets found within your capillaries and blood vessels, allowing your body’s lymphatic system to dispose of them.

Acne & Acne Scarring

Are you suffering with acne long after puberty? Or are you living with acne scars that make you feel self-conscious about your skin’s appearance? Acne is a complex skin condition instigated by many factors, including diet, hormone imbalances and stress. That is why we have a holistic approach when it comes to acne treatment and the treatment of acne scarring. It is important to note when treating these concerns, acne always needs to be resolved prior to treating the acne scarring to avoid the chances of spreading the bacteria and exacerbating the condition.

When it comes to treating acne scarring, laser therapy – in particular the Pearl fractional laser – is the preferred treatment option. This is due to its ability to treat the different types of scarring that can develop from acne.

When combined with an advanced skincare regime and lifestyle changes, we are confident we can help you reduce the formation of acne related scars as well as alleviate the condition and bring back that self-confidence!

Fine Lines & Signs of Ageing

Ageing can take a toll on your skin, causing fine lines, uneven skin tone, thin skin and a sallow and tired looking complexion. Additionally, lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking, sun exposure, and stress can accelerate the ageing process causing the skin to age prematurely. Fortunately, there are multiple invasive and non-invasive treatment options available that encourage collagen production without the use of surgical procedures.

At CRC, we take a conservative approach when it comes to skin rejuvenation and the treatment of fine lines for a natural, revitalised appearance. We use only the most current and advanced medical grade technology to gently encourage your body to upregulate collagen production. This popular, yet gentle approach to skin rejuvenation is subtle yet powerful. You’ll never look like you’ve had “work done”. Your skin will simply look and feel amazing. All of our laser skin treatments are effective when used alone or in conjunction with services such as our chemical face peels, our conservative use of fillers, or other rejuvenation skin treatments.

What Laser Technologies Do You Use?

At CRC, we are committed to using only the safest, most effective, and most innovative laser technology available. We proudly offer the Pearl Fractional Laser, which represents the gold standard in laser rejuvenation for treating the most advanced signs of ageing and skin damage.

When you utilise fractional technology, you get a highly targeted treatment. Fractional lasers pinpoint damaged areas while leaving healthy tissue alone. This healthy tissue then provides nutrients, promotes faster healing and eliminates unwanted side effects. It is the best method for the treatment of acne, large pores, age spots, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, scar tissue, uneven skin tone, and texture and wrinkles.

In addition to this premier technology, CRC utilises various non-invasive laser treatments to tailor a treatment program that specifically targets your skin concerns. This ensures that you are getting the most targeted care and optimal results for your individual concerns. When you stop by, be sure to ask one of our dermal clinicians about all the options we offer.

How Safe Is Laser Therapy?

Your safety is our top priority. That is why we only work with the best dermal clinicians in what is currently an unregulated industry. Our staff are highly trained to ensure your treatment is performed correctly. While laser skin treatment is generally safe, every client has different concerns. Our clinicians have the experience to assess and target your unique requirements.

All of our services are performed by our highly trained dermal clinicians and under the expert guidance of our Plastic Surgeon, Ms Niamh Corduff. She is an industry leading plastic and reconstructive surgeon. This ensures that you are in the best hands every step of the way. We are committed to learning and remaining up-to-date on all the latest advances in skincare, so you receive better care each time you walk through our doors.

We combine this commitment to improvement with a compassionate bedside manner to ensure you feel welcome each time you visit. Our staff are here to listen to your concerns and feelings while providing gentle guidance to ensure you are getting the best care and experience optimal results.

How Do I Book An Initial Consultation To See If Laser Treatments Are Right For Me?

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to achieve natural results or eliminate any skin concerns, give us a call to determine if laser treatments can help. We look forward to providing you with the safe and compassionate care you have come to expect from the team at CRC. Schedule your laser skin consultation today.

Book an appointment with Hayley or Georgie today!

All consultations cost $55.00 and are performed by our experienced dermal clinicians.


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