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The unique Cosmetic Refinement Clinic approach to rejuvenation and anti-aging is that of subtlety.

Unlike some other clinics we have a philosophy of conservatism and ‘less is more’.

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Our Treatments

Advanced Skin Treatments

We all deserve to feel confident in our skin. Whether you are suffering from a specific skin condition such as acne or rosacea or are wanting rejuvenation or skin tightening, CRC’s list of advanced skin treatments available will have you feeling confident in your own skin in no time.

Advanced Beauty Treatments

At CRC, we offer a wide range of advanced beauty treatments that have no downtime and include hair removal, spray tanning, waxing and tinting. They perfectly complement your beauty routines and add that extra layer of refinement to your confidence.

Laser Treatments

CRC can assist you with all your laser needs using only the most current and advanced laser technologies available. Whether we treat unwanted pigmentation, diffused redness/flushing, skin texture, or tattoo removal, our highly trained dermal clinicians can help you achieve your ultimate skin goals!

Treatments By Condition

Do any of these listed conditions concern you? Read more about the treatment options we have available to manage these conditions.

Laser Treatments

Skin Treatments

Beauty Treatments

Treatments by Condition

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CRC offers a range of skincare products available to buy online from some of the industries leading skincare brands

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For the hard-to-buy-for or for those who simply have it all, give the gift of self care.

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Our Philosophy

The Cosmetic Refinement Clinic’s approach to rejuvenation and anti-ageing is that of subtlety. Unlike many other clinics, we have a philosophy of conservatism and ‘less is more.’

As we age the balance of our facial features changes producing unwanted effects that make us look tired, grumpy, miserable and worn out. The skin becomes sallow and lifeless. Our priority is to address these unwelcome effects and give a refreshed, well and healthy look.

The common practice of creating big full lips, prominent cheeks and expressionless faces (especially forehead) can look bizarre and fake, especially on mature faces but even on younger patients.  Understanding the anatomy of the face guides an individualised treatment plan that avoids these outcomes.

At the Cosmetic Refinement Clinic, we pride ourselves on having a unique holistic approach to skin rejuvenation. We work with medical-grade lasers and prescribed skin care treatments to restore radiance and healthiness to the skin. By combining different modalities in moderation one can attain a desirable refined outcome.



The clinic runs different skin treatment and/or skincare specials and promotions throughout the entire year.

These promotions are usually updated at the start of each new season; summer, winter, autumn, spring.

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Many of our skin treatments and skincare programs require multiple appointments to achieve the transformational and long lasting results you are looking for.

Pre-booking our packages allows you to save on cost and lock in your sessions.

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Satisfied Customers

Ashleigh Sheridan

“Extremely professional and experts in what they do.”

“They were friendly and great at communicating from consultation all the way though to treatment.”

“Definitely the type of practitioners you can trust to find the right treatments and solutions for you.”

Pat Armstrong

“Hayley at C.R.C. has been fantastic with my treatment. Laser treatment for broken cappilleries, very large difference from before to after.

Highly recommend.”

Alma Allen

“All the girls at the Cosmetic Refinement Clinic are outstanding. Right from the moment my daughter and I walk in to the time we leave. They are full of great advice and are always willing to help.

I am so very grateful I have found a business which makes you feel special on so many levels. Thank you all at C.R.C. I highly recommended this clinic as it ticks all boxes on so many levels.”

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The All New 2 Hour Spray Tan

We all know that 8 hour spray tans can be such an ordeal. From not being able to shower until the next day to having to wear loose clothing to make sure you don’t rub any of it off, it can be a real hassle. If only there was a quicker way to get the amazing look and...

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Protect your skin & look fabulous with mineral makeup

Today’s skin care range of cosmeceuticals (a blend of science and cosmetics) offer you a more sophisticated level of skin care, thanks to skin saving products such as anti-aging mineral makeup to nurture and protect your skin with daily use. Here at the Cosmetic...

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