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The Cosmetic Refinement Clinic is the No. 1 clinic in Geelong, Victoria for Kleresca® Treatment

Here at CRC Geelong we continue to remain at the forefront of the industry by providing you with the newest innovative technology that is available. The Kleresca treatment is the only non-invasive treatment that can penetrate the deeper layers of skin, providing effective treatment of diagnosed skin conditions and aesthetic skin concerns.


Each treatment goes for approximately 45 minutes.

For either an individual Acne or Rosacea treatment it is $299.00. For a Skin Rejuvenation treatment it is $350.00 per treatment.

Can be seen after the first session of either the Acne or Rosacea treatment. Optimal results for any of the three skin condition treatment types are typically seen after 12 weeks from the first treatment.

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Kleresca® Treatment

Acne Treatment

Rosacea Treatment

Acne & Rosacea

What areas can be treated with Kleresca® Treatments?

Anywhere on the face or body can be treated with any of the Kleresca treatments however, it is typically used as a facial based treatment. The Kleresca acne treatment is able to treat all grades of acne anywhere on the face or body.

The Kleresca rosacea treatment is able to treat all grades of rosacea on the face or body apart from the ocular rosacea type as the client is required to wear eye shields throughout the treatment. Lastly, the skin rejuvenation treatment is ideal for treating fine lines and wrinkles that have begun to appear on the face; however it is also able to treat any form of scarring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Kleresca Treatment Work?

Inspired by the process of photosynthesis the treatment uses a photoconverting topical gel and LED light-based technology to stimulate multiple layers of the skin. The gel serves to enhance the effects of the light-based treatment into a more dynamic hyper pulsing light energy which engages deeper layers of the skin, than alternative LED light-based treatments.

What Does Kleresca Treat?

Kleresca® has scientifically and medically been proven to treat the following conditions:

Kleresca Acne Treatment
The Kleresca® Acne Treatment is able to target both acne and acne scarring all in the one treatment. It is able to act against the different factors responsible for causing acne and can also reduce the signs and improve the appearance of scarring through collagen stimulation.

Kleresca® Acne Treatment effectively:
destroys all underlying bacteria that’s responsible for the exacerbation of acne;
reduces inflammation;
normalises cellular activity and increases collagen production simultaneously;
reduces and improves the physical appearance of acne scarring; and
can be used in conjunction with prescribed medications, even low dose Roaccutane.

Kleresca Skin Rejuvenation
Kleresca Skin Rejuvenation Treatment was designed using non-invasive technology to address the multiple signs associated with ageing.

Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation Treatment effectively:
increases collagen production by a considerable 400 percent;
reduces and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles;
minimises and refines open pores; and
improves the physical appearance of scars.

Kleresca Rosacea Treatment
Kleresca® Rosacea Treatment has specifically been designed to target the signs and symptoms responsible for causing Rosacea.

Kleresca® Rosacea Treatment effectively:
reduces the flushing and redness by improving microvascularization;
reduces inflammation and the overall stress level of the skin;
relieves the burning and stinging sensation that is commonly identified with Rosacea;
reduces the presence of pimples and pustules; and
induces cellular repair, resulting in the overall improvement of skin quality.

What’s Involved In A Kleresca Treatment Program?

Depending on the condition being treated you will be required to have a treatment performed once a week for up to four to six weeks.

Each Kleresca® treatment takes around 45-minutes to complete. The treatment involves applying the topical gel to the treatment area. Then, a multi-LED lamp is placed over the gel and is programmed for a 9 minute cycle. Once the LED turns off, the excess gel is removed and post care products are applied.

Is The Kleresca Treatment Painful?

All Kleresca treatments are non-invasive, therefore there is no destruction or removal of the skin’s natural barriers. As a result, the treatment is pain free, comfortable and a pleasant experience, with a warm, tingling sensation all that can be felt.

Is There Any Post-Treatment Downtime Or Side Effects?

All Kleresca treatments are deemed safe as the treatment is administered on the surface of the skin and as such it is not absorbed into the body. There is no risk of photosensitivity with the Kleresca® treatment, meaning that you will not need to avoid sun exposure after the treatment.

Post-treatment your skin may appear a little red or flushed, and in some cases the skin may appear slightly bronzed. These side effects are non-permanent and generally disappear within 24-48 hours post treatment.

When Will I See Results From Kleresca Treatment?

You will begin to see improvements in your skin after the first treatment. However, most clients notice significant changes after four weeks, with results still being seen six to eight weeks following the completion of the program.

After the treatment program has finished the skin will still continue to improve over time, giving long lasting results.

How Much Does Kleresca Treatment Cost?

All Kleresca® treatment programs begin with a $50 initial consultation however the costs for treatment programs are as follows:

Acne or Rosacea treatment programs: – 1 treatment a week for 6 weeks at $300.00 per treatment.
Skin Rejuvenation treatment program: – 1 treatment a week for 4 weeks at $350.00 per treatment

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All consultations cost $55.00 and are performed by our experienced dermal clinicians.


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