Dr Niamh Corduff and Kelly Cartwright Discuss Treatment Plans

Video Transcript with Dr Niamh Corduff and Kelly Cartwright 

Okay, so last week you were modelling for Virgin?


How did you go?

Really good. Really good. I’m excited to see the shots. So it’s a bit daunting, but it’s good to be back doing something for a huge brand again like that and hopefully see them up in big lights. Yeah, looks great.

Great so, why are you back here?

Well, I am getting married in… Oh, my God. Is it less than ten months? And I don’t know. I feel like since I’ve been looking at getting married, I’ve been looking at my face a lot more. And I don’t know if that’s a thing, but I just think I’ve said it before. I think I need this, this, this and this.

But you know what my answer is going to be? No, no, no, no, no.

In hindsight, is it maybe just the freshen-up I need? So for me, if I look at my face, I feel like I’ve lost a lot of volume in my cheeks and I need fillers in my cheeks. That’s what I essentially feel, which probably is not the case.

No, no!


So I mean, you’re obviously, you’re modelling, so you’re gorgeous, right? And part of that is because you look fresh, you look natural, you don’t look done. So keeping you looking that way is very, very important. So I think, yes, as we age, things get a little bit lapse, you start to see those changes occurring.


But if you smile and you look in the mirror, as soon as you smile, your cheeks pop out. You’ve got glorious cheeks. It’s just that it’s just beginning to sink slightly and I mean very slightly.


So for me, keeping you looking natural, looking good is about just keeping everything a little bit tight rather than putting volume in, which is I know what you came to the desk asking for.

I do. I do feel like I want volume.

Yeah, well, the answer is no.

No, not in my lips. No! No!

Because you are looking very natural, with no imbalances there.


And so for me, if we tighten everything using Ultherapy, which has worked really well for you in the past. Yeah. It’s just given that jooz. Then if there’s any obvious things that we can help with.


But you don’t want to be overdoing it. And one of the big dangers is when you put filler in your cheeks because everything’s just sinking a bit, but it’s just seeing when you smile it comes up and you’re going to look… You’re going to pick it a mile off.


So looking at you, I think, is about maintaining really good skin health, keeping everything tight. And then if we need to tweak a tiny bit, we can. But it’s all about prevention and long-term looking after your skin and its health.


Tissues and not just filling, filling, filling… because filling to lift is I think is a big mistake that we fell into a few years ago because you would do it temporarily then you’d sort of do this. But then fillers are like… some of the fillers are like sugars in your system and they absorb water over time and you start to just get that puffy look. Okay, Yeah, you can pick it.

You know, it’s funny. I feel like I’d rather that puffy look than the saggy look, but no, I know what you mean.

So that’s where I’m going to stick my heels in and say, no.


But guide you to get to hopefully where you want to be without letting you end up looking silly.

Okay. Yeah.

Because the other thing is you have to be aware that it’s very easy to slip into that trap when you’re looking in the mirror.


And you know, I’m always saying stop looking in the mirror. When you look in the mirror and you start to see closeups, especially if you have downlights which we all have in the bathroom, you start to see shadows and things, which are very, very subtle but become quite obvious.


And then you start going in and trying to fix that, do that, and that’s where it all just starts to fall in a heap.

Yeah, I think I also, before I compare both sides to each other and this side is so different to this one.


And that’s where I think it sticks out to me a lot more.

Oh yes. Yeah. I mean you’ve got a slightly wedge-shaped skull.


There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s very, very common. I think that to me it’s partly an attractive feature, because it gives you a bit of interest in sort of being the classical symmetry, which is great for a photograph, but it’s not real.


And if we start to change the symmetries like a crosswise, then it throws everything in the vertical out.


Because your head is three dimensional. So yes, you will notice those changes, but you can improve certain little things a little bit.


But not a lot.

Yeah. I think I.. in your mind.. you’ve got one thing that you think you need. So for instance, I’m like, Oh, I could really do with some lips. And it is, I mean, it’s not like I want big lips. It’s like I want fresh lips but I don’t know if it’s about just making healthier lips or just injecting them. I don’t know, you know?

Yeah. You know I’m fairly conservative and I know that’s why you’ve got the modelling role, because you look really natural and fresh. So we’ve just got to keep that. So looking at your lips at rest, they’re just about perfect.

Just a little bit in there.

It doesn’t work that way.

See, so this is why you’re the doctor.

It has consequences, all right. It’s not just I mean, I could easily say, yes, I can do something just like. But I don’t think you need it. I think you look gorgeous. The answer’s no.

Okay. All right,

So let us focus on just giving you that little bit of freshening with a bit of tightening. Get your skin looking, really humming. That’s the most important thing. You start to change the bits and pieces that are naturally looking good.


I tell you it’s going to be picked up. And they’re going to be like, Oh, what have you been doing Kelly?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I mean, there are certain things. Yes, we can help, but they’re very, very subtle, I don’t think. To be honest, you wouldn’t really need much. But I think just tighten it up and we’ll take it from there.

Okay? All right. I understand.

It worked really well on you before. It just gave you that freshening and even you said, Oh, okay, this is really good, I’m happy with it.

Yes. Yeah.

And I think that the less and keep it absolutely minimal. It’s important.


I mean, you’re looking natural, you’re moving. Your face is in balance. It looks good.


Otherwise, you wouldn’t have gotten a modelling job.

No, I know. My partner’s sick of hearing about it. That’s because you do. You seriously, look at yourself all day long. And, you know, you take selfies on phones and it’s just an annoyance to see.

You know, that’s totally distorted!

Yeah, Yeah. Yep, I know that. But you don’t know. We are our biggest critics aren’t we.

We are, we’re shocking. And this is my role is to keep you looking normal.


And not to make you look weird because.

Yeah, I don’t think I want to get married looking weird. I’m not sure he’d still marry me.

No. And I tell you, you know, a lot of times patients or people who have fillers and a lot of fillers, they don’t think it themselves, but their friends and their family sure do.

Yeah. Yes. Yeah, yeah, I get it. I do. I know what you’re saying.

You know, your mates, do we tell her or don’t we tell her, you know, that sort of thing. Especially if you just want to keep who you are.

Yeah. Okay, Understood, understood. Yeah.



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