Kelly Cartwright

I believe that CRC’s philosophy is less is more, and also keeping that natural look. That’s exactly what I’m about and not doing too much to your face.

Hi I’m Kelly Cartwright, busy mum of two, 32 years old. I am a Paralympian, competing in athletics and powerlifting. I am an advocate for people with disabilities, also a motivational speaker and all-round sporty athletic busy mom.

The reason that I come to the Cosmetic Refinement Clinic is because of the recommendations that I’ve heard and coming here for myself I 100% trust Kerry and Dr Niamh with my skin care and my own journey. They look at you individually and figure out what’s best for you. I think ultherapy is perfect for me because I’m all about prevention, I’m about making sure that my skin looks healthy and young for as long as possible; without having to go too drastic with injectables.

I also believe in the natural look and I really want to keep my skin looking natural for as long as possible and preserving what I already have. It’s important for me to keep my skin radiant and youthful because I do a lot of photoshoots, I’m in the media a lot and I also work out and eat healthy so why not keep my skin and my face keeping up with my body as well.

I’m looking forward to starting my old ultherapy journey today and seeing the results, not only today, but in six to twelve months’ time.



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