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Profhilo Bio-remodelling Injections

There are a wide range of cosmetic injectable treatments available and RXR is considered one of the more premium biostimulation options for softening and rejuvenating tired, dull looking skin and smoothing skin crepiness, fine lines and wrinkles.

It is our most sought after course of treatment for those concerned with ageing and wanting to achieve a balanced natural look with a treatment that requires minimal maintenance top-ups and lasts longer than most other cosmetic injectables.

RXR is suitable for more mature skin to revitalise and smooth the lower face and neck as well as for younger patients keen to maintain and promote youthful skin.

At CRC, our RXR Cosmetic Treatment involves injecting a combination of hyaluronic acid, a little anti-wrinkle product and calcium hydroxylapatite to kick start your collagen and elastin production. By using three different products we achieve more optimal results than other products on the market. One of the unique products RXR contains has been researched and trialled world wide for many years and is clinically shown to promote elastin and collagen production, treat fine lines and deeper wrinkles and replenish lost volume.

RXR consists of scientifically proven ingredients for ultimate biostimulation of the facial and neck areas. RXR integrates smoothly into the skin leaving a hydrated, glowing feel to the treatment areas. If you are looking for a long term optimal biostimulating solution to maintain and promote a healthy skin or even to address skin crepiness then RXR should be considered.

Approximately an hour procedure for each RXR treatment.

Starting price at $1,500.

The smoothing effect is evident immediately after treatment with optimal results seen three months after the initial RXR course of treatment.

Profhilo Bio-remodelling Injections
Profhilo Bio-remodelling Injections

What areas can be treated with Cosmetic RXR?

Cosmetic RXR treatments offer a versatile solution for treating areas of the lower face and neck. 

Lower Face

Targets the lines on the side of the mouth and face. As we age collagen production slows, leading to a loss of elasticity and facial fat, which contributes to the formation of lines around the mouth that are generally known as concertina/accordion and marionette lines. Repetitive facial movements such as smiling can also cause the skin to become lax in this area and deeper lines and wrinkles can form.


Gives a smoother hydrated overall look to fine lines, crepiness and wrinkles on the neck. The skin around the neck is often neglected and over time with sun exposure and age it can lose its elasticity and take on a lined, crepey appearance. Treatment in this area can smooth skin and reduce the appearance of loose and crepey neck skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s involved with the RXR Course of Treatment?

First you will need to book an initial consultation with one of our doctors to determine if this treatment is suitable for you and to discuss your overall treatment plan. It is important for us to listen to your skin goals to understand how to best support you on your skin journey. RXR treatments often work best in conjunction with other collagen boosting treatments like Ulthera. This will all be discussed with you at your initial consultation.

The RXR course of treatment involves three sessions 4 – 6 weeks apart and then there is an annual maintenance treatment recommended thereafter. Because of the unique combination of products used in RXR the results last longer and have increased structural support and collagen and elastin boosting benefits.

There is minimal post-care downtime with only mild bruising and swelling occurring in some clients. Some may have a slight lump at the injecting site which will flatten out over the following day or two as the product integrates with the skin, leaving a softening effect. This all depends on individual results and healing time, overall RXR is tolerated by clients quite well.

Is The RXR Painful?

This depends on each individual as there can be mild discomfort around the injection sites. Afterwards, there may be slight tenderness, bruising, swelling and an uneven feel around the treatment site. This all settles down and smooths out when the products integrate with the skin, leaving a hydrated and rejuvenated feel to the treatment area.

What is the treatment for?

RXR is especially effective on fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity and crepiness in the neck and lower face areas. It works best on more mature skin by boosting collagen and elastin production and improving skin quality and laxity. The treatment produces a hydrated and healthy, refreshed appearance to your skin.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are minimal and depend on individual healing time and the treatment site. There may be some bruising and swelling and an uneven look around the injection site for a few days until the area settles and the product integrates with the skin. Generally, there is only a mild downtime and the results are immediate once the slight bruising goes down. All the ingredients have been trialled and tested by leading experts in the cosmetic industry.

How much does RXR cost?

This depends on how much you require to achieve the desired effect, how many areas are treated and the length of time needed. The cost will be discussed at your initial consultation and the starting price is around $1,500 for a RXR treatment.

How long does RXR last?

You will begin to see the optimal benefits 2-3 months after the third RXR treatment. Then it is recommended that you have a maintenance treatment annually afterwards as part of your skin treatment plan. This is the real bonus of RXR – you get better, longer-lasting results with fewer treatments compared to other products.

Who can perform RXR treatments?

The components of this treatment have been selected based on robust science and studies, demonstrating achievable outcomes. It is an injectable treatment and so only injected by our doctors, Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Niamh Corduff and Cosmetic Physician, Dr Libby Buchholz.

What is the difference between RXR and Bio-Remodelling injectables?

There are a few differences to note between RXR and Bio-Remodelling.

The main one being that RXR contains a product that has been researched internationally for many years and has been proven in clinical trials on patients, not just laboratory studies, to promote elastin and collagen production, treat fine lines and deeper wrinkles and replenish lost volume.

It is suitable for all ages. However, RXR benefits more mature skin, with those over 40 experiencing the best results. RXR is an ideal treatment for skin crepiness, and lasts longer than most other Bio-Remodelling injectables. It is ideally suited for the lower face below the cheekbones and neck, including the jawline.

RXR has the added benefit of having a longer-lasting effect when compared to other Bio-Remodelling products. It requires fewer maintenance treatments with less downtime overall. It is an ideal treatment for boosting collagen and elastin and leaving the skin in the lower face and neck with a fresh, hydrated and smooth appearance.

A Guide to RXR Cosmetic Injectables

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