Dr Libby Discusses Bio-remodelling injections



Bio-remodelling treatments are relatively new to Australia, but they’ve been used overseas for around six or seven years and they’re an increasingly popular treatment.

Now we aren’t allowed to use the brand name when discussing this product because of TGA regulations, so everyone refers to it as Bio-remodelling treatment or Bio-remodelling filler.

It’s essentially Hyaluronic acid or HA, and this particular type of HA is made differently to other standard fillers and it’s not actually used to fill.

It’s used to improve skin hydration and treat skin creepiness and laxity.

Bio remodelling HA is a hybrid complex of short chains and longer chains of Hyaluronic acid bonded together with heat to hold the chains together.

Other Hyaluronic acid fillers are bonded together with chemical compounds.

So that’s one difference.

The other major difference between standard HA fillers and Bio-remodelling HA is the product’s consistency.

Bio-remodelling HA is more like water, so it runs into the skin and spreads nicely.

Regular HA fillers are more of a firm and squishy gel, and so they’re used to provide volume under the skin.

Now we know HA is the main component of the extracellular matrix in the skin.

So it’s the substance that provides support and structure for the skin cells, and it’s what hydrates the skin and keeps it plump and glowing and fresh.

Bio-remodelling HA is sometimes advertised as an injectable moisturiser because it is used to boost skin hydration.

There are scientific studies that demonstrate that Bio-remodelling HA can stimulate fibroblast cells, and these cells are responsible for collagen and elastin production in the skin.

So this product is used to treat skin laxity and creepiness. Improve hydration and skin firmness.

And it really gives a freshen-up to the skin. To give you an overall glowing appearance.

So the effects of Bio-remodelling HA appear to largely wear off after three or four months, so repeated treatments are required after the initial course of treatment.

Most patients attend every six months or so, for a freshen-up with this product, and some patients are seeing nice longer-term improvements to skin creepiness in the face and neck.

Here at CRC, we encourage patients to book a consultation to discuss what sort of treatments will benefit you the most so we can tailor a treatment plan according to your particular needs. Bio-remodelling, treatments are a great option for boosting skin, hydration and treating skin creepiness.

So I’m looking forward to using it more as a part of my patients’ overall treatment plans. Bio-remodelling treatments are available now here at CRC, so I encourage you all to call or SMS Kerry to book an appointment and we can talk to you more about it.



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