Wrinkles, and pimples, and migraines…oh my!

Allow me to backtrack a moment to February 2021 – my first injectables appointment. The anticipation of finally taking the plunge was mixed with a little apprehension. I needn’t have worried for a second about the needle ‘jab’, adverse side effects of Botulinum Toxin or whether or not the results would meet my expectations. The entire process was simple, quick and virtually painless.

Let’s talk needles for a moment – firstly, don’t be afraid to look. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the size of the minuscule injection and totally at ease in the safe hands of Kerry (who photographs and files client details) and Niamh, who works her magic with the efficiency of a seasoned pro.

Secondly, unlike an invasive pinch or sting you’d encounter with a traditional immunization, I barely registered that the prick had been administered.

A tiny injection site near my eyebrow to combat the vertical lines.

Like any good impulse shopper, I was in-‘tox’-icated by the simplicity of the treatment and the promise of smooth, rejuvenated looking skin. Mid-treatment, Niamh’s keen eye identified the expressive nature of my brows and recommended that we tackle some additional spots in my forehead to relax those muscles, and in turn, soften the wrinkles forming below my hairline. Never one to shy away from going ‘all in’, I happily agreed to a few more jabs.

Niamh advised that a slight headache could occur after the procedure, yet any residual symptoms were short-lived and I found it could easily be managed without pain relief that night.

I didn’t have to wait long to see the outcome of the treatment – only a few days later a girlfriend (whom I was yet to tell about my appointment) complimented my skin. It was the first time since having children that someone told me I looked ‘fresh’ rather than ‘tired’.

I was acutely aware of how much I use those muscles once the B*_tox was in full effect a few days after the treatment – it was freeing to remove the appearance of a perpetual scowl. My usual ‘resting B face’ became a face that was simply resting.

A few days after the first treatment.
A month post injections – feeling a little more like my best self.

Make up no longer settled in the lines and I found I needed less product to achieve a flawless foundation application. Without question, the treatment was a success and worth every cent.

It was around 5 months after my appointment that I began to see the lines creep back a little. I found myself back at CRC yesterday (July 1st – hello, new financial year) with a few extra requests.

5 months later – CRC here I come.

Did you know that B*_tox also has medicinal benefits? If you’ve ever had a migraine you’ll understand when I say that I would do just about ANYTHING to get some relief. Copious amounts of coffee, Nurofen, trigger point massage, acupuncture and, on my mum’s advice, mixed nuts and scrubbing the shower – I’ve tried it all, to no avail.

Grinding my teeth, clenching my jaw and feeling like my head is in a vice is just a typical Tuesday for me. When Niamh asks me to identify trigger points where she can apply the B*_tox, I gesture wildly to my face, neck, skull… and the general outskirts of Geelong West.

The promise of even a little respite from the dull ache feels like a literal lifeline.

If you can reconcile feeling a bit like a pin cushion, the momentary discomfort of targeting the perpetrating muscle bands is well worth it. On what was day 4 of a relentless migraine, the injections in my corrugator and masseter muscles provided almost immediate relief and a notable ‘lift’ out of the fog that had enveloped me all week.

If this is what the first session can deliver, you can count me as an official convert.

By Ange Baker



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