Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat Dissolving Injections are used to reduce the fat deposits below the chin, where a double chin occurs, giving the patient a more pronounced and contoured jawline.

The treatment works by using a copy of naturally occurring compounds that normally break down fats in your diet. They are injected into the treatment area targeting the pocket of excess fat. The fat dissolves and breaks up the fat cells in the treatment area. Because the fat cells are affected this form of treatment has long-term results.


The procedure takes 30 minutes, this includes the consultation, treatment and wait time afterwards.

One treatment of fat dissolving injections costs $550* and subsequent treatments are $250 as long as it’s in the same area.

You need to be aware swelling does occur and the duration of this varies from patient to patient, the average is 5 days. We advise that the results will last for years as the fat cells are irreversibly damaged, however, with ageing….. nothing is permanent!

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Fat Dissolving Injections

Double Chin Treatment

What areas can be treated with Fat Dissolving Injections?

We most commonly treat under the chin, but other areas can be treated and discussed during consultation.


The chin is the most popular area of treatment. Other areas can be treated but a consultation is required so a treatment plan and costing can be given.

Most double chins that we see are not simply just the result of excess fat under the skin. This is most often only part of the problem. The jaw may be a little short compared to the rest of your facial bones so that there is an increased tendency for the neck tissues to sag in that area.

It may be that to get the optimum result for you a combination of treatments including placing a little filler onto the front of your jaw is recommended as well as some tissue tightening.

However this is all part of the discussion that goes into your consultation, working out what your options are.

Other Areas

For treatment on areas other than the chin please call us and book a consultation to discuss your options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Fat Dissolving Treatments Are Required?

The CRC protocol is to treat and review 3 months later and repeat the treatment then and each successive 3 months until you are happy with the outcome that can be reasonably achieved. We take a slow and steady approach to allow the area to heal internally and the surrounding soft tissues to take up the slack. Most patients have 2 or 3 sessions. This varies depending on the patient and the amount of fat that needs to be dissolved.

At CRC we use fat dissolving injections in conjunction with ulthera treatments. This combination provides the best results for our patients. As the fat empties from under the chin in ageing patients, the loose skin may not take up as well as in a younger patient. Combining fat dissolving with a tissue tightening procedure reduces the chance of this happening.

At an initial consultation we will assess your situation and design a treatment plan which is suited to your anatomy and circumstances, to achieve the desired result.

How Long Do Fat Dissolving Injections Last?

We advise that the results will last for years as the fat cells are irreversibly damaged, however with ageing and weight gain…..nothing is permanent!

Are There Any Side Effects To Fat Dissolving Injections?

Immediately after the injections your neck will become red and swollen to a varying degree between patients. We use local anaesthetic as part of the injected solution so that it is in fact a relatively painless procedure. Because of the degree of inflammation associated with the fat dissolving your neck will swell. The swelling usually takes 10 days to go down, but in some it can recover quickly, and in others it takes a little longer. You can expect that this swelling is noticeable and you might want to wear a scarf or turtleneck to hide it for the first few days.

You might also develop some bruising in the area. Other reported side effects include areas of lumpiness and unevenness, itching and very rarely nerve damage if the injection is placed too close to a nerve in the face.

How Much Does Fat Dissolving Injections Cost?

One treatment of fat dissolving injections cost $550 and subsequent treatments are $250.

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