Managing Teenage Acne: How a dermal clinician can give you answers to clear, healthy skin.

Acne in teenagers is a common concern.

On a weekly basis, we are visited by parents and their child seeking professional treatment or help managing teenage acne.

Generally, the client has tried all and sundry – from over-the-counter lotions and cleansers to prescribed medication and diet eliminations – only to be exhausted and at their wits end seeking a solution.

This is where the CRC girls can step in. Our highly experienced Dermal Clinicians can perform a comprehensive skin analysis to assist in educating the client on the in’s and out’s of their skin as well as ensuring a tailored treatment plan is established. This treatment plan can commence immediately if the client desires. Even from the first treatment, a client is instantly able to see improvements in their skin.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear why some people are more prone to acne than others. What we do know is that unclean skin or infrequent washing is usually not the primary cause.
The exact cause of acne is not known, but androgens (hormones) can play a role. These hormones increase in activity in both boys and girls during puberty making the skin’s oil glands larger whilst producing more sebum (skin oil)

Genetics can also play a part. If parents have a history of acne, the tendency for inheriting this problem is common.

Other factors can include certain medications, including ceasing the contraceptive pill, cosmetics with a greasy consistency, stress as well as picking or squeezing blemishes.
But don’t stress, manageing teenage acne is achievable, with the added benefit of being at an affordable price. However, early intervention with our dermal clinicians is they key. Sometimes  In some cases, if left too late this lead to the development of scar tissue and/or prolonged issues into adulthood. Intervention left too late can lead to scarring and/or prolonged issues into adulthood. Advanced clinical skin treatments include microdermabrasion, intensive skin treatments, and for more severe cases, laser treatment.
Ultimately, the skin is a complex organ and every patient skin is different. A combination of treatments is often needed to achieve the desired results.

If you or your teenager are experiencing concerns with acne, we recommend early intervention by seeking professional assistance from dermal clinicians who are trained and qualified to diagnose and advise on problem skin, and support any medical treatment provided by your GP and dermatologist . Both of our dermal clinicians Georgie and Hayley, hold a Bachelor of Health Science university degree.  They also both have first hand and personal experiences of their own when it comes to acne.

Taking your first step to seeking the right treatment for acne and problematic skin will deliver the benefits of beginning a journey towards lifelong optimal skin health
It is important to recognize that the management of acne continues well after the initial results to prevent a relapse.  Fundamentally, we require the client to work with us, continuing the regime at home whilst attending scheduled appointments. This is to ensure our clients get the best outcome from their treatments available whilst being closely monitored by our team.

Cost of Managing Teenage Acne

It is hard to be specific about costs as every client’s needs are different but to give an idea:
Initial consultation $50 redeemable against skin care products recommended and purchased on the day
Second consultation $50 includes initial skin treatment
Intensive skin treatments between $80 and $150
Microdermabrasion $145
Extractions $60



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