Laser skin treatments in Geelong

Hands up those women who are confident enough to leave home without their concealer? All those years of school holidays spent lying in the sun tell a different story when we look in the mirror and see discoloration, uneven skin tone, and dull lifeless skin reflected back at us. This is what prematurely ages us.  All is not lost. Laser skin treatments are a safe and effective way in revitalising the skin.

Laser Skin Treatments in Geelong

At the Cosmetic Refinement Clinic we offer medical strength laser treatments that address these concerns.
All our laser treatments are performed by university qualified dermal clinicians who have a keen interest in achieving optimal results.
We have several different lasers that can be used in conjunction with each other to achieve a fresher clearer appearance. Our laser treatments are not confined to just one laser, as we have 5 different lasers and often use a combination approach to achieve an optimal result.
You might like to pop into our clinic in your lunchtime for a quick laser rejuvenation which gives the skin a healthy glow or go for something stronger like a Fractional ablative treatment that works to reduce the visible damage caused by years of lying in the sun.
This treatment is also proving invaluable to clients with acne scarring and creepy skin.
Don’t give up.  Your skin can look, fresher, and clearer. Imagine having nothing to hide…

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The clinic runs different skin treatment and/or skincare specials and promotions throughout the entire year.

These promotions are usually updated at the start of each new season; summer, winter, autumn, spring.

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Many of our skin treatments and skincare programs require multiple appointments to achieve the transformational and long lasting results you are looking for.

Pre-booking our packages allows you to save on cost and lock in your sessions.

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