We’re making some changes…

During your last few visits to CRC, you’ve perhaps noticed us prying for information, asking some difficult questions and having open conversations about our service. We’ve asked you (and have been listening) because we wanted to understand what you thought about the service we offer and how we could make it even more personalised and more valuable.
We collectively listened to your responses and have been working on two areas to make your time with us at CRC even more valuable, more personalised, for you.

Introducing our new CRC Premium SMS Booking Service…

We are delighted to offer a CRC Premium SMS Booking Service. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s discreet.  You can now text an appointment request, or change to 0428 462 299 and have direct contact with one of our Dermal Clinicians.  No more awkward open-plan office conversations for you… and quick replies from us. Perfect.

Introducing more time with your dermal clinician…

We know our dermal clinicians are amazing resources of information – and their knowledge coupled with their skill and expertise is what gives our clients the best results.  You told us you wanted more time with the dermal clinicians to aks additional questions and confirm correct use of products… and we’ve listened.
You will notice on your next visit to CRC that your dermal therapist will now check you in… and check you out. Giving you precious time to have the right conversations, ask more questions and get more of their expertise.
We are committed to offer a more personalised, more valuable service to our clients, so expect more changes to come.  As always we’d love to continue hearing your feedback and thoughts on your experience at the Clinic… so let us know.
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The clinic runs different skin treatment and/or skincare specials and promotions throughout the entire year.

These promotions are usually updated at the start of each new season; summer, winter, autumn, spring.

save with our


Many of our skin treatments and skincare programs require multiple appointments to achieve the transformational and long lasting results you are looking for.

Pre-booking our packages allows you to save on cost and lock in your sessions.

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