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Ulthera Treatment is a non-surgical procedure that uses ultrasound energy to lift and tighten the skin naturally with the added benefit of having no post treatment down time and is a once of treatment only procedure.

This Ulthera treatment technology is designed to bypass the surface of the skin and deliver precise energy at a specific depth and temperature. As a result, this ultrasound energy initiates the body’s natural responses by up-regulating collagen production as well as strengthening the original collagen in the area of concern. This type of treatment is designed to lift and tighten the skin on the neck, under the chin, and on the eyebrow. Ultherapy is also designed to target ageing concerns of the décolletage by improving the appearance of the lines and wrinkles within this area. The final results for this treatment can take around two to three months to develop, as we cannot rush this collagen making process.

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Ulthera Treatment Video Transcript

Okay. We often get asked, how does Lisa look so good?

As you know, she’s the face of our clinic on the website and Lisa she’s born with good genetics and is naturally beautiful, but she really does not want to look like she’s had any work done. We have to keep Lisa looking as natural as possible.

So this is where Ulthera really works. It’s an ultrasound device so I can actually see under the skin, see the layers I’m trying to target. I know where the nerves are that we don’t want to damage and I know the areas we can go and where we can’t and how thick the tissues are. So what I’m trying to do is, once I see what I’m aiming for, I actually send an ultrasound beam down to the layer underneath the skin that is going to tighten up when we do lots and lots of tiny little injuries along that layer. Then her own body is going to heal that under the skin and contract it up so that she just gets sort of like a non-surgical face-lift in a way. But it is very soft, it’s nowhere near as aggressive as a face-lift and the results are not as strong as a face-lift. It’s subtle and she will see these effects, sort of, gradually occurring over the next three to six months. But we’ll certainly see an initial tightening at the end of the procedure and then we will just see it progress from there and gradually improve over time. Okay. So the first step, we’re just going to mark Lisa up. So this is so I can decide how many shots I’m putting into each area of her face and make sure we don’t do any damage to any nerves or any major structural things that might be sitting underneath the skin.
All right. That’s about it. So there’s a nice picture of the ultrasound showing the subcutaneous tissues just along here. And so if I go down here, you can see the bone come into view down here. You see that there? That’s bone. So we obviously don’t want to hit bone. So I can now, by being able to see what I’m aiming for, I can target the tissues. All right. Are you ready? You’re going to feel a little bit of a tickle now. Ready?

Mm-hmm. Yep.

How good does this look?

It’s pulled back.

I cannot believe that. Look at my eyes.

Are you Happy?

I’m very happy. Oh, wow. Look at these, I had none of that definition there.

Nope. I just brought it all back.

That is incredible. Look at my eyes. I look I’ve had surgery on my eyes, don’t I? They’re amazing.

Yeah. You’re welcome.



Very happy.

Okay. So now you can see the initial results on Lisa. So her eyebrows have been lifted up here. And also, she’s got more definition and pullback through here as the neck is approached. But this is just the start of what happens. We’re going to see this is just initially. And then the big results, we will see it through the six months. And watch it all the time as something comes up, but this is the initial results. So you could see now.

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