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Over the last few years as injecting lips has gained popularity I have become more and more disappointed with the lip filler results that I’m seeing. As a result, I’m now finding myself correcting and dissolving fillers that have been inappropriately placed.

The scariest thing is that we are also seeing a rise in the number of serious complications. Specifically, where filler has been inadvertently injected into a blood vessel in the lip resulting in partial skin death, leaving permanent scarring.

Introducing The Refine Lip Treatment

As a senior trainer for one of the big 3 injectable companies and in an attempt to improve the safety of lip injections I went back to the drawing board and studied the anatomy of the lip area.

In addition to expanding my understanding and expertise in enhancing the lip, I sourced specialised equipment that allowed for a better approach to treatment. Specifically, a tiny 3 pronged very fine needle that places the filler in the precise spot in the lip. The outcome of this technique, which I’ve called The Refine Lip Booster, is that it gives a nice soft lip fullness and shape with minimal bruising and pain.

Is Lip Filler Safe?

Injecting is largely unregulated and has become big business with patients (mainly girls) being seduced by glossy marketing and ads into shops and salons where the standards of training are inadequate and possibly unsafe.

How does anyone know the difference between a safe or unsafe lip filler clinic?

Well, one of the first things to check is if there is a doctor on-site or are they saving money by video conferencing or skyping with a doctor offsite.  In addition, little things such as, are they using sterile gloves and dressing packs or just disposable gloves out of a box.  Every little shortcut saves the company money and adds a little to your risk of complications when getting your lip injections done.

Who Performs Lip Fillers at CRC?

All lip injections at CRC are administered by myself – Dr Niamh Corduff. I’m a plastic surgeon of 27 years experience and have been performing non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques for almost 15 years.

At CRC, we believe that it’s very important to have all injecting treatments be performed by a qualified and experienced doctor to limit the side effects and risks. I’m also always here to answer any questions you may have about dermal filler.

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