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Cosmetic tattooing or what sometimes can be referred to as ‘permanent make-up’ has been around for several years. It is an aesthetic treatment performed to establish definition and colour in the eyebrows, form a more permanent eyeliner to brighten the eyes and aids in reshaping and adding colour to the lips.

Cosmetic tattooing is vastly increasing in popularity as the days of applying and re-applying make-up, even smudging or fading make-up are eliminated. This treatment is also beneficial for those individuals who develop alopecia following chemotherapy or struggle with cosmetic allergies.


How does Cosmetic Tattooing work?

Cosmetic tattooing involves implanting coloured pigments using a specific and very fine needle deep into the skin. The initial treatment can take approximately an hour and a half to complete due to what is involved and how the body naturally responds. In the majority of cases, a touch-up treatment is required. This is due to the pigment essentially being an implanted foreign object.

The second touch-up treatment should be performed around 12 weeks after the initial treatment. Further touch-up treatments may be required annually or every few years to maintain the colour and are charged separately.

Eyebrow Tattooing

Does Cosmetic Tattooing hurt?

Prior to commencing treatment, a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to minimise any discomfort. Discomfort varies for each individual; some people don’t feel anything at all, whilst others can feel a mild scratching on the skin.

Are there any Cosmetic Tattooing side effects?

Initially post-treatment the area will appear mildly swollen, with the pigment appearing darker due to blood increasing in the area. So, do not be alarmed as this is only a phase and can last around three to four weeks. Scabbing of the area is also quite common due to the body attempting to eliminate some of the pigment.  It is important to not attempt to pick the scabs as this may increase the chances of scarring. This is also why more than one procedure may be required to reach the ideal treatment outcome.

Who can have Cosmetic Tattooing?

Anyone can have cosmetic tattooing treatments. However, the speed at which the skin heals differs for each individual and can be influenced by certain medical conditions and medications.

Eyebrow Tattoo- Ombre only

Who performs all Cosmetic Tattooing Treatments?

Here at CRC we have Helen Chadwick from Highbrow Creative performing all cosmetic tattooing procedures. Helen is a qualified nurse who has completed further advanced, specialised training on the art of paramedical tattoo and brow micro pigmentation. Helen specialises in brow tattooing but can also perform paramedical micro pigmentation treatments such as post operative areola tattooing and skin camouflaging of scars, burns, depigmentation or vitiligo (skin condition that results in the loss of natural pigment).

Eyebrow Tattoo

For all appointments and general enquires you can contact Helen directly on 0417 144 514. Alternatively, you can email
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