A non-surgical facelift in Geelong

Our Ulthera Treatment is a non-surgical facelift procedure that uses ultrasound energy to lift and tighten the skin naturally. An added benefit of our non-surgical facelift is it has no post-treatment downtime. In addition, Ultherapy is a once only treatment procedure and the results mimic a more natural looking facelift.

What device is used for a non-surgical facelift at our Geelong clinic?

The ulthera machine differs from all other HIFU machines in a few ways. The biggest difference is that it has diagnostic capability. We can see under the skin to the facial structures. It enables us to be precise in where the delivery of shots are placed targeting the small fibrous ligaments crossing the superficial fat layer just above the muscular layer and also tightening the bigger stronger ligaments supporting our face. Any shots beyond this into the muscle layers and even the bone are both wasted and can be painful.

None of the other machines even with very similar names have this capability which means that the therapist  follows set protocols seen on a screen which may be totally inappropriate for some faces and miss the targets. This results in none or minimal results and can be a more painful treatment with complications. There are many other clinics in Geelong that have similar machines that are colloquially called ulthera but the CRC is the only one that has the advanced technology of visualisation that delivers better outcomes and has an improved safety profile. Because it is designed to be precise in targeting certain tissues the operator needs to be trained in anatomy and understand the structures that they are seeing beneath the skin.

What areas can be treated?

We generally treat the face as a whole because of the way it is connected anatomically. The sagging of the jowl and upper neck area is actually a result of an overall loosening; it just falls there.  So ‘shrinkwrapping’ the whole face has a bigger effect on the lower face than if this area is treated in isolation

We can, however, boost and target small areas such as lip lines, the eyebrow, and crow’s feet.  It can soften some of the lines in this area and minimise the use of anti-wrinkle treatments.

It can also tighten up the loosening and lines in the decolletage and stretched tummy skin after babies in some patients.

See how the non-surgical facelift procedure works

In this video, Niamh explains how the Ulthera treatment works and how she keeps the results looking natural on our patient Lisa. She then also shows what’s involved in the preparation of the treatment and explains how she reads the ultrasound results to see which areas to target and which to avoid.

Lisa then shows her amazing results immediately after her treatment and Niamh explains what areas the Ulthera treatment targeted and how it helped achieve a ‘non-surgical facelift.’

Non-Surgical Facelift Results

non-surgical facelift geelong
In this photo, we can see a dramatic difference in the definition of the patient’s neck and chin. These results were achieved after just 1 ulthera treatment!

What clinic in Geelong provides Ulthera treatment?

In Geelong, the Ulthera treatment is exclusive to CRC. Here, Dr. Niamh Corduff sees and performs a diagnostic on all potential Ulthera patients and prescribes a tailored individualised treatment plan that she supervises.

Niamh’s approach to skin rejuvenation and anti-aging is one of subtlety and incorporates her “less is more” philosophy. As well as her extensive experience in plastic surgery, she has also been performing non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques for almost 14 years.

Niamh regularly lectures internationally on her approach and techniques to achieve natural facial improvement. Ulthera has become a major part of her strategy to refresh a face without looking overdone. The success of the treatment is very dependent on being able to apply the treatment to the correct layers under the skin, requiring good anatomical knowledge. It is also important to check that the patient is a suitable candidate for the treatment.


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