How To Look Fabulous & Look Your Age

Karen Matthews, a local journalist, wrote an article on an antiwrinkle treatment in the Geelong Advertiser recently. It was in Karen’s tongue-in-cheek style which I love but she did make some very valid points which I totally agree with.

There are some real shockers walking around Geelong that would look so much better if they left their faces alone and went all natural without injectable treatments. Here is my reply and take on Karen’s article:

Forget trying to look ‘younger.’ It does not work. Young features on an older face quickly becomes a ‘cougar’ look or worse still that of an ‘old tart.’ Young features (plump, well defined lips, high full cheeks) belong on 20 year old faces. An overall youthful looking face (after a well-executed face lift) jars the eye when it is sitting on top of an aging body.
We need to accept our age, but we can still look fabulous at our age. That does not mean we have to look younger. After all, most of us get our hair dyed and styled into a cut that suits us. But not that of a younger woman.

So what happens when we age and how can we achieve the natural fresh ‘Australian’ look that is quite different to the American ‘done’ look that focuses on turning back the clock?

We all know that our body shape changes as our bony skeleton starts to shrink and change – the facial bones do as well. The forehead and upper and lower jaws shrink back. The ligaments holding the face onto the bones loosen and the face starts to slip and slide downwards and inwards. Sound familiar? This results in the facial expressions of appearing tired, sad, grumpy, pinched – ‘the menopausal look.’

Clever and skilled use of injectable treatment options can subtly address those unwanted expressions so that our 55-year-old woman becomes a healthy and well looking 55-year-old woman who appears confident in herself.

Don’t underestimate the skin in all of this. Good medical skin care can help restore health and vitality to the skin. As we age and the hormonal balance changes the skin, especially aided by the harsh Australian environment, looking sallow and worn out. Bringing back a healthy skin is the biggest thing to achieving the natural fresh Australian face.
Ladies learn to love your lines. Keep your movement and expression. But it is OK to seek help to look a little better and feel good about yourself. However, do you want anyone else to spot ‘you have had work done?’

Where to go? A good guide is to look at the staff who work in the clinic, especially the injector. That will give you a good idea of their training, skills and what they think looks good. Ask yourself, ‘do I want to look like that?’ Different clinics and different injectors all have a different perspective on what looks good. I have given you mine.



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