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CRC: Temporarily Closed Until Further Notice

Currently we are all in unchartered waters as we grapple with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the rise of confirmed cases in Victoria.  We can only hope that the number of diagnosed cases gets spread out over time and does not hit us all at once.  Unfortunately this is not the case in Europe with the drastic increase in the number of cases requiring hospital admission being more than the hospital beds and equipment available.  Sadly, people are dying in huge numbers, both young and old.

In Australia there is much speculation circulating on social media regarding the Coronavirus. However, we must be guided by the Federal Chief Medical Officer who has access to all the current international data and expert opinions.  We are being advised that this virus spreads by droplet and can be transferred on to hard surfaces.  To reduce transmission the advice is that we wash our hands frequently and distance ourselves to at least 1.5m from one another.
Yesterday we were told that all non essential services were to close in Victoria, but overnight the Federal Government has reconsidered what is classified as  an “essential service.”  They have included Beauty Salons in this category.

The Chief Medical Officer’s key points to reduce transmission of the virus is by distancing as well as hand washing.  Thus I have made the decision to CLOSE the clinic to all treatments from today, Monday the 23rd of March.  I cannot in all conscience condone face to face treatments which involve close proximity of our faces without full antiviral protection as the risk of transmission increases. This close contact alone makes cosmetic injecting and facial treatments high risk procedures. The treatments that we do are cosmetic and can not be considered “essential.”  As a doctor I have to put my patients and staff’s health and well being above business interests, as well as contribute to protection of the Geelong community.  I know that many of you will be disappointed to have your appointments cancelled and will understandably question my decision in light of the current government announcements. The Cosmetic Refinement Clinic has always been a leader in medical standards and infection control and even though it is a hard decision it is the right one for our community, staff and patients. I am comfortable that we take a leadership role in this decision to protect the Geelong community. I would never forgive myself if we had a confirmed case through transmission originating from the Cosmetic Refinement Clinic.  For those of you who already have made appointments, we will be in contact with you once we can confirm when we are able to recommence trading by the Chief Medical Officer.

If you have any questions regarding this current COVID-19 situation or would like to make any future appointments please do not hesitate to contact us on (03) 52219920 or 0428 462 299, as we continue to answer our phones as normal. For any cosmetic injecting enquiries you can contact Kerry on 0418 398 296. Lastly, for those of you who are needing to purchase any skin care products you can still do this either over the phone or through emailing us your order to and we will post them out to you.

In the meantime please take care, be safe and look after your families, friends and neighbours.


Niamh Corduff   xx