Here's how to get a skin refresh without the B Word

You’re certainly not alone if you’re worried about fine lines, crow’s feet or small scars… but are not ready for injectables (or the B Word as we like to call it) just yet. It’s a big leap for some people and we want you to feel comfortable about the steps you take freshening and maintaining your appearance. That’s why we love Collagen Induction Therapy or Skin Needling. This non-invasive therapy reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring… naturally. Absolutely nothing is added or taken away from your skin through skin needling and it’s so safe that it can actually be done at home!

So how does Collagen Induction Therapy work?

A patient receiving Collagen Induction Therapy
Put simply, Collagen Induction Therapy creates small pin pricks (very small, we promise!) in the skin which can help to break up old, tired collagen and elastin strands. The skin then goes into healing mode and new collagen and elastin is created as part of the process, which in turn improves elasticity and helps break up scar tissue – exactly what we need to remove acne scars or fine lines and wrinkles.
Our qualified specialists offer skin needling at our Geelong clinic, and you can buy your own dermaroller to use at home to complement the procedure. You’ll love the new, fresh you.
For more information on skin needling click here or call us at the clinic on 5221 9920.

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