Anti-wrinkle injections changed my thoughts about skin care

After undergoing my first treatment of anti-wrinkle injections for my ‘elevens’ or frown lines it changed me in a way I didn’t think possible.
No one has noticed, or at least haven’t made comments about my look.
I still have movement in my forehead which is great, but I can’t frown which is why I got the injections in the first place I guess.
When I do try and frown, I find that I wrinkle or screw up my nose. It reminds me of Elizabeth Montgomery in Bewitched only I’m not wriggling my nose for magic – I wish!
I am concerned though that I am compensating my frown for a wrinkled nose or adding more wrinkles to my crow’s feet.
Since having the injections I seem to be paying more attention to other women’s foreheads. Friends, strangers in the street, the lady in the pharmacy, clients at work – and am amazed at how common this procedure is.
I am pleased with Niamh’s recommendation and very pleased with the results. But the procedure has changed something inside of me. Something that I think will stay with me until the very end.
Even though my frown has all but disappeared, albeit for 3-4  months, I have found I have been thinking more and more about caring for my skin.  The problem is, how to navigate the maze of beauty products and cosmeceuticals and know what works best for me.
Not to mention the M word – menopause – appeared on my Facebook post recently and that got me thinking about my skin even more!
I’m still a little while off but I hear menopause can wreak havoc on your skin. Do your research and be armed ladies.
This is a job for Niamh.



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