Helen Chadwick

Pigmentation Practitioner

Helen is our very talented Pigmentation Practitioner!

With her passion for art and science, Helen aims to enhance and improve her client’s appearance using micro-pigmentation.

Helen has trained in Melbourne in both brow and medical tattooing. She performs our brow micro blading treatment at the clinic which uses hand etched and coloured strokes to mimic natural hair for thicker and more defined brows.

Helen also performs medical tattooing which helps camouflage scars from surgery, burns and other accidents. Medical tattooing can also be performed on patients post reconstructive breast surgery, to create the illusion of a natural looking nipple/areola and on patients who have experienced a loss of brow hair post-chemotherapy or on patients with alopecia.

Helen loves the creative side of her work and enjoys making the tattooed area look as natural as possible.

As well as being a pigmentation practitioner, she has studied visual arts and is a highly experienced operating and plastic surgery nurse.



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