Why did the 45 yr old woman cross the road? To get to the Cosmetic Refinement Clinic, of course.

For a while now, perhaps since reaching my 40’s (am now in my mid-40’s) I have been conscious of my journey through aging and I have reached a point where I am compelled to seek professional advice.

I strongly feel that as my skin loses its elasticity, changes pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles take hold and my skin becomes drier, that I need professional help on board, to make the road smoother ahead for my journey into graceful aging.

But where to start?

I have stalked a number of Facebook pages to view before and after photos but with many, the word ‘WAG’ comes to mind. Pictures of pneumatic pouty lips bearing some resemblance to inflated labias, stunned expressions and shiny foreheads with heavily made-up faces are great for the comic relief but it’s not for me. I did eventually find a clinic whose philosophy was reflected in the images they posted and their website.
Since doing my cosmetic therapy research, I have been paying close attention to friends, sales women, and most woman who appear on our TVs especially new presenters, as well as the woman who delivers my mail. Often to the point of raising eyebrows (always a good gauge) of weirdness at my actions. For some, it’s obvious to me, the women have ‘had work done’, but for those that have, I wouldn’t know – and that’s what I want.

Is it for me?

Yes, most definitely, and I like to look good for me – for my husband, it’s a bonus and he’s happy to go along for the ride. He has only ever known me to take interest in my looks and rarely do I not. My mother was, and still is, a huge inspiration when it comes to looking after yourself – a pot of Nivea and some lippie is never far away for her.
But Hollywood actress, Demi Moore put it well in a quote that resonates well with my beliefs, she said – “I prefer to be a beautiful woman of my age than trying desperately to look 30”.

How you do that is your business.

Now for the phone call.



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